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Our Story

Our story is a simple one, and one that we hope you will follow, as our farm continues to grow each season.

It all started the summer we moved into our new home, a home with land for gardening! Surrounded by hundreds of acres of deeded Audubon land, now known as the Broad Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, it was my dream come true! I grew up in Oregon on 20 acres of gardens and orchards, growing and canning our own fruits and vegetables. I couldn’t wait to start doing the same here in Massachusetts, so we worked hard each year, clearing out a field.

As it turned out, however, everything we planted was immediately eaten by all that wonderful nature, surrounding us. The only thing that wasn’t devoured was our lavender, which instead seemed to thrive! Instead of putting up an 8-foot high deer fence around the entire property, we decided to work with nature, and concentrate on the lavender that we have always loved.

We started slowly with 60 plants of a few different varieties of lavender, and are getting ready to expand into a true lavender farm. With the help of some seasoned-farmer friends, we now have a third of an acre plowed and ready to plant, this year. The plan is to plant raised rows of English and French lavender, suitable for our New England climate, and keep expanding each year.

At the farm our commitment is to work with nature and the environment; to use sustainable farming practices; and to improve the native pollinator habitat, to help boost the population of pollinators and beneficial insects in our community.

Please follow our progress online and on social media, and keep dreaming of those warm lavender days ahead!

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